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Monsterland Junior vs Senior Description Help Junior wake up Senior! Instructions
Monsterland 2: Junior Revenge Description Help Junior exact revenge! Instructions
Monster Munch Description Help a Monster Munch and catch some delicious snowflakes! Avoid the perilous snowballs and the sharp icicles and earn points! Can you fill up the never-ending pit of st [...]
Monster in Love Description Help these monsters meet up with their true loves by collecting the same colored hearts! Be careful not to catch the wrong color as monsters are notoriously jealous! Ea [...]
Monster and Doors Description Collect coins and guide your monster through the door! Instructions
Monkey Xmas Present Description Have a very Monkey XMas in this exciting Action & Arcade game! Fast-paced gameplay Great action Have a very Monkey X-Mas! Instructions
Monkey Treasures Description Dive deep into the oceans to gather up some Monkey Treasures! Use your nifty grappling hook to pull up the treasure chests from the obscure depths. Cash in on the fun a [...]
Monkey Math Balance Description Balance the coconuts using your math skills in Monkey Math Balance! Gather awesome powerups to get hints and make it to the end! Tricky gameplay Cute critters Balance t [...]
Monkey Jump Description Plot your jumps carefully as you hop from platform to platform in Monkey Jump! Collect the fruit for bonus points in this wacky arcade game! Tricky gameplay Intense act [...]
Monkey Island Description Collect all the bananas! Instructions
Monkey Cannonball Description Help a monkey use a cannon to shoot different items into a coconut basket! Choose the right angle and use just enough force to store each fruit for your monkey companio [...]
Money Parking Description Help maneuver vehicles in Money Parking! Shift the cars around the let the blue car escape, in as few moves as possible! Fast-paced gameplay Intense action Enjoy Money [...]


Mk5 Description Prototype helibot Mk5 needs to complete its rigorous product testing. Step into the cockpit and help this cute flying machine get approved for active service. Collect t [...]
MIRC Description All your base must be defended! Magnetic Impact Resistant Cubes, or MIRCs, form the only line of resistance between your 3 bases and total destruction in this adrenalin [...]
Minihelli Description Carefully fly your powerful and quick Minihelli through a cave! Collect fuel and avoid the cave walls to keep your ship in the air as long as you can. How long can you [...]
Mini Game Room Description Enjoy the Mini Game Room in this fun game! Enjoy the Mini Game Room! Enjoy the Mini Game Room! Enjoy the Mini Game Room! Instructions
Mighty Red Orb Description Guide the Mighty Red Orb of Eternal Power through dangerous mazes! Blast away obstacles to escape and survive the tunnels. Time your movements carefully to avoid the tr [...]
Mighty Miner Description Deep underground, Mighty Miner mole digs through the dirt to uncover special treasures. Put on your helmet and headlamp and help him collect gems and valuables in this [...]
Midnight Race Description Your pedal’s to the metal in this full-tilt Midnight Race through darkened city streets. Use arrow keys to steer your hotrod. Swerve around slowpokes to get ahead [...]
Metheora Description Survive this puzzle game and make it through Metheora! Fun gameplay Exciting action Survive this puzzle game! Instructions
Meteors Description Take a break from shooting aliens and drift through Meteors in this peaceful arcade game. Just make sure your tiny little ship doesn’t hit (or get hit by) any met [...]
Meteor Blastor Description Relive the fun of early hand-held games with this retro shooter! Blast waves of menacing meteors, just like the good old days. Dodge the asteroids while reducing them t [...]
Meteor Blast Synergy Description Vaporize speeding meteors before they cause any damage in this spectacular, spaced-out Arcade game! Aim your laser with the mouse and blast dangerous meteors with the l [...]
Merry Xsmash Description Have a Merry Xsmash! Instructions
MemoFari Description Sharpen your memory! Instructions
Meet My Valentine Description Find the differences in this hilarious love story! Pass each level quickly to get the best possible ending! Look closely in Meet My Valentine to find all the difference [...]
Maze Stopper 2 Description Get your guy to the flag first! Build an obstacle course that lures your opponent off the track in Maze Stopper 2, an online strategy game. Use your mouse to place obst [...]
Maze Stopper Description Lookout! The little man wants to steal your flag. Be the Maze Stopper in this online game and keep him from it for as long as you can. Click and hold your mouse button [...]
Maze Man 2 Description Just when he thought it was safe, Maze Man landed in a new series of puzzling maze challenges in Maze Man 2. Help him collect all the pellets in the maze and avoid obst [...]
Maze Man Description Strap on your cross-trainers and help Maze Man outrun the nasty red suits in this online arcade game. Maze Man needs fleet feet. If a red suit catches him, he dies! Use [...]
Massage Paradise Description Go to Massage Paradise in this Matching game! Fun gameplay Awesome action Go to Massage Paradise! Instructions
Market Truck 2 Description Deliver the tasty hamburgers to market in time! Instructions
Marbyl Description Catch a barrage of prismatic marbyles in this colorful, online arcade game! Use your cursor to collect shapes of the same color, or colors of the same shape! Collect ma [...]
Marbly Description Match the colored balls to make them disappear in Marbly! Use as few moves as possible to move on to the next level and score as many points as you can. Think two steps [...]
Marbles! Description Destroy all the Marbles as quickly as you can in this fun and exciting Match 3 game! How long can you survive? Fast-paced action Intense gameplay Destroy all the Marble [...]