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Marbly Description Match the colored balls to make them disappear in Marbly! Use as few moves as possible to move on to the next level and score as many points as you can. Think two steps [...]
Marbles! Description Destroy all the Marbles as quickly as you can in this fun and exciting Match 3 game! How long can you survive? Fast-paced action Intense gameplay Destroy all the Marble [...]
Mama Fly Description Mama Fly’s biological clock is ticking, and she needs to produce as many babies as she can before she dies. Help her deposit larvae on nasty trash piles in this f [...]
Magma Balance Description Avoid the lava in Magma Balance! Drag the characters to safety to unlock more levels and survive the volcanic explosion! Fast-paced gameplay Awesome graphics Avoid the [...]
Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress Description Enter a magical fantasy world of beautiful places and thrilling creatures! Use your Match 3 skills in a new way to search for enchanted scrolls, make useful potions, an [...]
Magic Witch Description Shoot down all the Magic Witches with specially colored balls in this fast-paced Action game! How many points can you earn as you attack more and more differently color [...]
Magic Valentine Description Find your Magic Valentine in this quirky Hidden Object game! Fast, fun gameplay Exciting action Find your Magic Valentine! Instructions
Magic Poker Description Master Magic Poker and toss your cards into the hat! Fun gameplay Exciting action Master Magic Poker! Instructions
Magic Eggs Description Get the eggs into the nest! Instructions
Magic Dwarf Description Collect all the crystals! Instructions
Magic Bounce Description Destroy the blocks in Magic Bounce! Collect awesome powerups and bonus points as you blow up different levels! Fun gameplay Fast-paced action Destroy the blocks! Instru [...]
Madcat: Diamond Crook Description Dodge guards and steal all the diamonds! Instructions
Mad Worms Intrusion Description Fend off the Mad Worms Intrusion in this fun and exciting Action & Arcade game! Aim your trusty slingshot and protect the apples! Fast-paced gameplay Awesome action [...]
Luxor Amun Rising Description Glory and Adventure await as you return to save Ancient Egypt from certain doom. In this sequel to the runaway hit action-puzzle game, you must defeat the rebellious Pr [...]
Luxor 2 Description The great goddess Isis has enlisted you to help her battle the god Set and his evil minions. Journey through Egypt as you work to thwart Set’s diabolical plans. A [...]
Luminara Description Dodge and destroy! Keep pernicious polygons at bay with an incredible assortment of weapons in this thrilling arcade game! Zip around color-shifting boards blasting sha [...]
Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders from Above Description Battle the infantry spiders from above! Build matches as quickly as you can to earn ammo to shoot the spiders. Earn bonus weapons to kill more spiders at once. Make mat [...]
Lonely Penguin Description Reach your true love! Instructions
Live Wires Description Caution, high voltages ahead! Leap from slider to slider and avoid getting a deadly shock as you play Live Wires, an electrifying online arcade game. Use the left and r [...]
Little Soldiers Description Maneuver the soldier across the field! Instructions
Little Red-Cap Run! Description Escape a fiendish wolf before you become dinner! Run as fast as you can while avoiding dangerous obstacles in Little Red Cap Run! Dodge the bear traps while laying down [...]
LineDodger Description Whatever you do, don’t toe the lines in LineDodger. Touch one, and you lose. Use the mouse to move the orb. Collect pentagons to keep the orb burning bright. Watc [...]
Light Sprites Description Sling colorful orbs into matching holes to populate the world with mirthful dancing Light Sprites in this ridiculously fun arcade game! Make sure the orbs match the hol [...]
Fruit Swap Description Fruit Swap – Matching3 flash puzzle game. Extras included, multi level, time limited. Be fast and use your strategy to remove most fruits at ones. 4 or more fruit [...]
Legends of Atlantis: Exodus Description Atlantis is facing its end of days and it’s up to you to save the people and their kingdom in Legends of Atlantis: Exodus! Massive tidal waves are sweeping away i [...]
Le Patisserie Description Serve up delicious food at Le Patisserie! Keep your critter clientele happy and serve them yummy treats as quickly as you can! Fast-paced gameplay Delicious treats Serv [...]
Layers Description Figure out the Layers in this tricky Puzzle game! Fast-paced gameplay Intense action Figure out the Layers! Instructions
Larva Dream Description Live a Larva Dream! Instructions
Kids Car Coloring Description Kids Car Coloring – Fun coloring game for kids. This time you need to put some paint on this sport car and make it the most beautiful car in the world. Have fun. [...]
Lamp of Aladdin Description Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child’s dream – a chance to feel the magic, to command the power of nature or even to perform heroic deeds. Ca [...]
Ladybird Flee Description Protect your ladybug and run away from a hilariously evil sheep! Dodge the sheep’s lunges, lasers, and a whole slew of other attacks! Stay away for as long as you can a [...]
Kupid on Strike Description Kupid has gone on strike and is making it his goal to break as many hearts as he can! Help Kupid use his love arrows to shoot down hearts. Time and aim your shots just [...]
Kumba vs the Evil Penguin Description Catch the Evil Penguin! Instructions
Yummy 2048 Description It is a variation of the 2048 game with deluxe design and 2 power-ups. Slide and combine the tiles with Food Items to explore new ones. Keep combining to get newer item [...]
Kodoku 2 Description Enjoy Kodoku 2! Instructions