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Chemistry Match molecules to prove you are a master chemist in this addictive puzzle game from Evolute Games! Beat your friends scores and earn achievement awards over 48 mind churning level [...]
Aston Martin Car Show Room Escape Defygames is a free flash games website. Our game professionals enlarge highly interactive flash games for all age of online game players. Our games are excited to play more and mo [...]
Albania Quiz See how much you know about Albania with this Albania quiz from Rapitful.This quiz has 10 question.
Open the Elevator Use your brain to complete levels… Can You get to the top level ?
Letter Scramble 2 Create as many valid English words as possible.
Pollinator Puzzle A cross word puzzle featuring words familiar with pollination.
Kids First Play Kids First Play is the application made for our youngest. In this applications your kids will be able to draw, color premade paintings and learn how to spell in 4 different languag [...]
2nd Grade Math Addition Addition Math for 2nd Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
Ninja Word Search Become a ninja word warrior in this cool ninja word search game.
Dragon Word Search Defend the damsel against the fire breathing dragon by finding all the hidden dragon words.
Pirate Word Search Ahoy mateys, can you help a pirate find all his buried words?
Hit The Troll Clear all the levels from the trolls by using the special abilities of the three heroes. Each shape has its own specifications and special abilities like weight, explosions and ela [...]
Santa's Scrambled Sentences Unscramble Santa’s sentences and he will give more presents!!!
Play Triple Similar to Lights-Out this game objective is to unify all the tiles on the board to have the same image on them. Either unify the board to contains Apples only, Bananas only or Str [...]
Go to School - Part 2 It’s time for school! Your mission is to help Carol to reach the school by solving puzzles on her way. God luck!
Hidden Kana vol.1 Search the beautiful scenery of Japan for hidden Kana language characters. The Kana covered in this lesson are the first 5 basic set. A, E, I, O, and U. Have fun while learning to [...]
Wordsearch: Chemical Elements The current names of the discovered chemical elements are hidden in the grid. Find them before time runs out. There are three difficulty settings, each having less time to find the [...]
Geometry Quiz Longing for a refreshing mathematical challenge? Take the Geometry Quiz now and see how quickly you can get the answers! Your goal in this game is to calculate and solve all given [...]
denki Help Denki to memorize the order of the round stones in the left room. But hurry up! Run through the door on the right into the right room, before the door closes completely. Sort [...]
Grocery Store Try our newest cooking game and become a master in handling your budget. Shop wisely from the grocery for a healthy life!
Essay Champion A game about writing essays that is just as exciting as actually writing an essay!
Sounds. Sounds of pets / Звуки. Звуки домашних животных Training game Sounds of pets is game for the smallest. Choose an animal and press his big image. Listen to what sound it publishes. After the green signal of a traffic light will l [...]
26 words vs 60 seconds Type 26 words that starts with each letter of the alphabet within 60 seconds. Get extra bonus if you finish before the time is up.
CollisionTut I wanted to see if i could create a game within 3 days. and i was successful. yay! So enjoy my little tutorial game about collision detection.
Octopus Puzzle Nice puzzle game, get 4 of the same octopus in a row.
Friction Physics 2 Friction Physics 2 – Friction Physics is back with more fun levels, better graphics and gameplay.
Find Numbers - Fruit Examine your observing skill by finding the listed numbers which are hidden in the pictures. You have 5 minutes to find the all numbers in each levels, or you will lost. Click the [...]
Hotdog Cooking Hotdog Cooking Game.
Number Mania 3 - arithmetic Click on a selected number and then the sign of operation, the second number and the result.
World Capitals A simple “What the capital of this country” knowledge game. After playing this game for a while, you`ll have a very good knowledge about the capitals of the countries o [...]
Know your fruit quiz The quiz about fruit is finally here and not just about any fruit like an apple or a peach. No no it contains exotic fruit like dragon fruit and such. Play the quiz now and set an [...]
IQsrael IQsrael הוא משחק להכרת ישובים בישראל IQsrael is an educational game to learn cities in Israel
Super Genius A simon variant, with many modes and styles of gameplay
Tropical Salad in Pineapple Bowl You are spending your summer vacation on a tropical island with your boyfriend and today you want to prepare something special for him. What about using the fresh delicious fruits [...]
Retro Cartoon 3 Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw an adult face with retro style cartoon.