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[FUNNY_18+] THE C WORD A game about true love! Reviews welcome! Update: some difficulty smoothing, made level 3 and 4 a bit shorter, fixed some bugs The name of the song is “Care by Kaada” &# [...]
Sky Peril Defend the earth by shooting the enemy missiles.
Megan The Fox Help Megan collect as many gems as possible from the endless throng of squishy critters.
Stupied Tank My first shooter game. You should destroy falling bombs using tank’s gun
Sniper Hunter 5 Sniper Hunter 5 is a hidden object type action game. Your goal is to find all the bad snipers and shoot them down with your rifle. In every level you can earn points and spend them [...]
Clean It In this very simple game you need to clean the dirty from various ambient, be fast to earn more point!
Kill Rabbit You just must kill all the rabbits , you swear revenge , you can go back !
Berathen Star You’re an awesome Star! Shooting through the sky! Everyone is jealous! Just check out them Ninja Stars. They be hatin’ just to hate.
Red Storm 2: Survival The Soviets have returned! It’s the year 2189 and a special mech assault unit has been sent to the planet Mars to deal with the looming threat from the Soviet base! Guide you [...]
War Soldier Sniper Shoot enemy soldiers using your rifle scope see how many you can get
Cannon Battle Blast away the cannons that are headed directly for your ship. Try and reach the next level as you rack up points defending your ship.
Nebula Invaders Retro space invaders style shooter. Destroy the waves of alien invaders. Do not let any aliens past your defenses.
Jet Fighter 3D battle Jets come at you, shoot them down see how many you can get
Zombie3D Invasion Shoot the zombies as they approach see how many you can kill
Moon Soldier Sniper Use your scope to shoot he soldiers on the moon sniper shooter
Stribog You’re the ace pilot of your planet’s aero defense, when one day the Army of the Unknown being called Stribog attacked your planet and abducted many of your people.. you have been [...]
打气球-camera 视频打气球游戏
Paint-ball Upgrade Defeat attacking kids with you trusty paint-ball gun and a few upgrades. Survive the longest to achieve the highest score!
Wild Pixel West It’s a busy day for the sheriff: bad guys to catch, stolen gold to collect. Oh, and your girlfriend has been kidnapped. Rescue her! Run and gun your way through the desert, h [...]
Planet Rock The galaxy is under attack from aliens intent on collecting raw ore by destroying planets and moons. Fight alongside your allies and protect the planets from certain destruction. W [...]
Zombie Shooter You have 30 seconds to shoot as many zombies as you can!
Sonic shuttle Your ship has default weapon which is the basic weapon. The player can catch flying special weapons to equip them. But when the shield decreases, your ship loses that special weapo [...]
zombie buster There are 10 levels in this game. Each level has limited number of zombies the player needs to kill in order to progress to the next level. Each level has increased difficulty, thi [...]
Caliber With three different modes including: Survival Mode, Free Range Mode, and Training Exercise mode. In Survival Mode select your load out, pick a primary weapon and a sidearm and dif [...]
美女贪吃蛇 美女贪吃蛇
Pirate's Treasure Defender Pirate’s Treasure Defender – a brand new match 3 game from Online Games Mania. This puzzle game contains also defense and difference elements. Your task is to defend yo [...]
Sift Heads World - Act 3 After a hard-hitting blow from Alonzo our team is back on the hunt. But it won’t be so easy this time, cause Alonzo has some very influencing friends in high places. Vinnie and his [...]
Nimrod Arena shooter with twenty levels, six types of monsters, two bosses,survival mode and eight weapons.
Horde Endless horde of zombies
Armed Primates Shoot banana birds, and avoid strawberry-copters.
Kill All Weeds! Kill the mutant weeds before they destroy your house, and save the innocents!
Inner Zombie First it was the bird flu. Then it was the swine flu. Guess what’s next? That’s right: the zombie flu! You are a white blood cell. Your must protect the red blood cells [...]
Assault Typing Powered A typing game with mix of shmup genre. With upgrades, pickups, 3D prerendered graphics, and more!
Red Storm A special Unit has been sent to Mars to prevent a looming threat. By controlling one of the combat robots, your Unit will have to go through the series of missions; destroying a mo [...]
Under Water Under Water is a simple flash game. Destroy all the mines in under water. Timing is the key factor.