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Mystery of the Old House Description Solve the mystery of the old house! Instructions
Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone Description An ancient and priceless piece of jewelry, the Moonstone, has been stolen, and it`s up to you to track it down! Investigate every person who was in the mansion at the t [...]
My Old House Description Find memories from your childhood! Instructions
Museum of Thieves Description Escape the Museum of Thieves as quickly as you can! Fast-paced gameplay Exciting action Escape the Museum of Thieves! Instructions
Monster Shop Description Help run a spooky Monster Shop in this fun and exciting Time Management game! Keep the treats up to prevent any disastrous tricks as you keep your customer’s content. U [...]
Miracles Description Play the role of an outcast magician determined to prove herself worthy in Miracles. Make wishes come true and bring happiness to your land. The Archmagician is looking [...]
Medieval Secret Description Discover the Medieval Secret! Instructions
Max Strong 2 Description Help Max Strong! Instructions
Matchmaker Description Become a Matchmaker! Become a Matchmaker! Become a Matchmaker! Become a Matchmaker! Instructions
Mandy and the Fairy Forest Description Discover a haunted forest and help Mandy make it to the end! Awesome gameplay Intense action Discover a haunted forest! Instructions
Magic Defender Level Pack Description Destroy the Gummy enemies! Instructions
Lucky Builder Description Help the builder reach the sand pile! Instructions
Lovely Shop Gifts and Flowers Description Manage your very own greenhouse! Instructions
Lost on Hidden Island Description Become Lost on a Hidden Island and find a way home! Protect your boss and collect the necessary items to plot your escape. Can you make it off the island in time, or wi [...]
Lost Necklace - Ancient History Description Discover a lost family necklace! Instructions
Lord of War 2 Description Build and upgrade impressive towers to keep your outposts safe from marauding monsters and armies in this thrilling Strategy game! Place an awesome assortment of towers [...]
Liquid Measure Description Control the flow of water to fill the pots. Instructions
LandGrabbers Description Use your powerful army to conquer the world in Land Grabbers, a fun Strategy game set in the Middle Ages! In a time of castles, knights, and crusades, you are a brillia [...]
Kate's Car Service Description Run Kate’s Car Service! Run Kate’s Car Service! Run Kate’s Car Service! Run Kate’s Car Service! Instructions
Jurassic Bug Description Catch the Jurassic Bug! Instructions
Jurassic Baby Care Description Run Jurassic Baby Care in this fun Time Management game! Fast-paced action Fun gameplay Run Jurassic Baby Care! Instructions
Frenzy Airport2 Description Frenzy Airport has become a busy world famous airport. Every day there are thousands of people using the airport to get to their destination. Therefore, it is important [...]
Jack of All Tribes Description Help Jack travel to the past and rule a primitive tribe in Jack of all Tribes, a fun Time Management game! Search for artifacts from the future that Jack needs to retur [...]
Island Tribe 3 Description Find the magic runes, rescue the bride and dive into exciting island adventures in Island Tribe 3, a fun Time Management game! Help the future leader of the tribe find [...]
Island Tribe 2 Description Help the tribe find a new home and discover the wonderful magic of the Altar of Wishes in Island Tribe 2! Having sailed for many days in search of a new home, the settl [...]
Inventor's Quest Description Escape from the Inventor’s room. Instructions
In the Footsteps of Bigfoot Description Escape before Bigfoot finds you! Instructions
Image Master Description Want to see the world without leaving your house? Explore beautiful locales from around the globe as you play Image Master online. Find 5 differences between the 2 phot [...]
Ice Slide Description Slide as far as you can! Instructions
Ice Cream Stand Description Run an Ice Cream Stand in this fun Time Management game! Run an Ice Cream Stand! Run an Ice Cream Stand! Run an Ice Cream Stand! Instructions
Ice Cream Bar Description Run the Ice Cream Bar and make a hefty profit! Run the Ice Cream Bar! Run the Ice Cream Bar! Run the Ice Cream Bar! Instructions
Hungry Pig Description Feed the hungry pig! Instructions
House Spirit Secret Description Discover the secret of the House Spirit! Instructions
Hotel Mogul Description Lynette’s conniving husband has cheated her out of her family business! Use your business savvy, and Time Management skills, to help Lynette repurchase her compan [...]
Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook Off Description Master a myriad of local American cuisines to clench the Gourmet Grand Prix in this delicious Time Management game! Take to the road and hone your spatula against Ameri [...]