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Jumbo Run Description Jump over the gaps and keep walking as long as you can. You will start with 20 energy points, each jump will cost 1 energy point. Collect bones to gain energy. Catch th [...]
Rocket Cheese Description You are a rat in a space ship. Fly up to the stars, avoid your enemies, collecting cheese-stars and upgrading your ship! Instructions
Solitaire TriPeaks Description Challenge your card skills in this exciting Solitaire card game with 3 difficulty levels! TriPeaks is a  popular version similar to Golf and Pyramid Solitaire games. Yo [...]
Run Jeff! Run Jeff! Now featuring SUPER RAINBOW MODE (crash into skulls and ignite them in flames while scoring loads of bonus points). Collect KEYS to unlock item powerups or even a cool pa [...]
Fresh Burger A skill game with a sense of humor! You have to serve as much customers possible within a given time limit. Cash in lots of Highscore points, but beware to lose a life, would be a [...]
Paint-ball Upgrade Defeat attacking kids with you trusty paint-ball gun and a few upgrades. Survive the longest to achieve the highest score!
Zombie Shooter You have 30 seconds to shoot as many zombies as you can!
Save The Baby! Save the falling baby by moving it around through the sky, dodging planes and other objects.
Block Catcher Stop the blocks from reaching the floor by catching them with your paddle. Highest score wins.
Hans vs Franz Bubble Enjoy this hot new bubble game with Hans and Franz, competing for the love of sexy Resi! Will you win Resi’s heart? How many levels can you complete? The exciting new bubble [...]
3D WoodBox Car Control a 3d weird woodbox car and use your best skills to move to the target spot. Play up to 28 levels of pure car driving fun.
Click Attack! A fast paced game about clicking. Easy to Learn but impossible to master, How quick can you click. Play against the clock in normal mode and set a highscore by clearing the chips a [...]
Chameline You can dodge or change colours to survive the furry of lines coming your way and claim your place on the high scores list.
Fallingcloud collect the carrot and don’t smash the falling cloud, and make the highscore
Apple Catch 2 Apple Catch 2 is a wonderful memory and hidden object game where you have to keep your sharp eyes to find apples and unbeatable skill for clicking the apple within time.Your quickn [...]
Denmark Jigsaw Solve 10 puzzles to see beautiful impressions of Denmark! Three difficult levels and a highscore will challenge you!
Finland Jigsaw Solve five puzzles with beautiful pictures of Finland! Three difficult levels and a highscore will challenge you!
Eyjafjallajökull Jigsaw Solve five puzzles to see beautiful and impressive impressions of the Eyjafjallajökull, the vulcano, which keeps Europe in suspense. Three difficult levels and a highscore will cha [...]
Vienna Jigsaw Solve five different puzzles to see beautiful impressions of Vienna! Three difficult levels and a highscore will challenge you!
Rome Jigsaw Solve five different puzzles to see beautiful impressions of Rome! Three difficult levels and a highscore will challenge you!
Chick cannon A physics based puzzle game,Put the chick into the coop by firing rocks
carnival of hell Shooting gallery game. Eliminate all the monsters and protect the humans in this skills game set in a mysterious victorian setting. Complete the story mode and you’ll access [...]
Blob Tower Defence The blobs are in trouble again! This time their land is being attacked. Help them build a tower to keep off the bad guys. Try to survive as long as you can and reach the highscore [...]
Boss Killer Are you ready for 5 minutes of adrenaline rush?! Boss Killer is a quick game. Your objective is to kill all the bosses as fast as you can. Good luck!
Violet You are stuck in Violet, and all you see is a bottomless cliff. How can you get out? Everywhere you turn there are mysterious symbols, pathways, and always Violet. Explore everythi [...]
Nuclear Experiment - Exploration 2 Second part of radioactive point and click adventure game. After successfull mission secret agency have upgraded your suit, now suit it will filter poisoned air and mirror radiatio [...]
Coingame 4 - Outer Space The 4th game in the fantastic series of CoinGame, fly your shuttle around, pickup the points, get fuel, achieve glorbs and upgrade your ship!
Moblifun Gamble Colours Gamble Colours is an colour gamble game. Every game you get 10 turns and 3 spins per turn. There are 10 bars that give you an colour and number. How more colours from the same colo [...]
Animal Massacre A quick fun high score game where cute creatures are destroyed.
Bunnie Enjoy this cool and challenging high scores game with nice graphics and dynamic gameplay!
ZNEMUZZLE Fairy Edition Explore the puzzle experience with the rows and columns twist! Now in the fairy edition! Hurry up to be the best in the highscore!
Football Championship How high can you score in this NFL football game? Post your score on the leaderboards when you complete.
Ella at fantasy castle Ella is taking a trip to the fantasy castle of her dreams. Will you join her adventure? Spot her in every picture and set a highscore.
spikehurts spikehurts is a simple and addictive game. just go right!
Science quiz A fun Science quiz. Are you the next Einstein? Show off your knowledge and post your score on the leaderboards when you complete the quiz. How high can you get!?