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Doll Memory Description Doll Memory! Match up the pairs of Dolls in this fun memory game. Can you help find the matching pairs of Dolls and become a Doll memory MASTER? There are so many diffe [...]
Football Memory Challenge Description Football Memory! Match up the pairs of footballs in this fun memory game. Can you help find the matching pairs of footballs and become a football memory MASTER? There a [...]
Sweet Muffins Memory Match Description Sweet Muffins Memory Match – Match up the pairs of muffins pictures in this fun memory game. Can you help find the matching pairs of muffins pictures and become a [...]
Euro 2016 Jerseys Memory Description Euro 2016 Jerseys Memory is a free online game from genre of memory and kids games. This game offers different pictures, but you have to use your memory to remember and [...]
Fish Memory Description Fish Memory – The game presents several Fish cartoon images . Select two squares with the same Fish image. Get all the Fish images pairs matched to move to the ne [...]
Boys Items Memory Description oys Items Memory is a skill based fun game. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different car [...]
Christmas Mix Description Train your visual memory in this Christmas match game. Find all the Christmas pictures as soon as possible and set a record among players from all over the world! Merry [...]
Messy Factory Description What a Mess!! Can you bring some order to this factory?? Instructions
soccer memory Worldcup soccer memory game 2010!
Memory Dress Memory Dress up game.
Anime Girls Memory Card memory game with anime girls.
Fuzzy Memory Match pictures of cute puppies to remove tiles and see one of the pictures full size. More pictures for harder difficulty.
Puzzbox I am PuzzBox. Copy my numbers. Can you copy all of them? Use your number keys.
Memory Game Game to test your memory skills.
Dressup Memory Dressup Memory Game.
Santa's Christmas Presents Train your memory with this simple game. Repeat a sequence by tapping on four Santas just like in a classic Simon game. The better your memory gets, the longer sequences you will b [...]
denki Help Denki to memorize the order of the round stones in the left room. But hurry up! Run through the door on the right into the right room, before the door closes completely. Sort [...]
The Zombie Dance A fun memory game where you play as Emon the Zombie. Remember the pattern of lights on the pumpkins and then tap them in the same pattern.
Apple Catch 2 Apple Catch 2 is a wonderful memory and hidden object game where you have to keep your sharp eyes to find apples and unbeatable skill for clicking the apple within time.Your quickn [...]
Chinese Letters Chinese Letters is a step up to other memory games! Here you may challenge your mind by pairing each and every Chinese letter with its corresponding pair. You start out off with le [...]
Extreme Smiley Match 5 Extreme Smiley Match 5 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by OnlineFreeMi [...]
St Patricks Pairs St Patricks Pairs is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by OnlineFreeMiniGam [...]
Endless Memory Play a game of memory using image search results that match your own keywords. Endless variation, only limited by your own imagination.
Peg Solitary Ultimate Classic Peg Solitary Brain Puzzle Game
Clickolor 2 Train your colorskills in the stylish puzzle game Clickolor 2! Click the square in the game screen that matches the one shown on the upper-right before you run out of time. There a [...]
Maze Play this simple yet diverting game where you want to find the exit out of the maze. With higher levels facing greater and higher branched mazes, this game can be very challenging! [...]
Memory cube Classic memory game with “match two of the same” concept in 3D. With the ability to add your own image
Farmyard Memory Farmer Gestalt arose this morning to find his farmyard in chaos. Your job is to help Farmer Gestalt match up all his animals and return them to their proper places. It’s Memo [...]
Halloween Memo Game This pumpkin has many faces – can you remember them all? Click on a tile to turn it over and reveal an image. Then select a second tile, trying to find the matching image. If [...]
Match a Pretty Kitty The cuttest little baby kitten need to be paired up – help the little rascals!
Hot Women Memory Match these hot ladies up in pairs to enjoy a good look at their beauty 😉
Neon Boxes Do yo have a good memory? Copy arrangements to complete the game.
Animal Memory Game A simple, classic matching game using friendly animals. Improve your memory skills. For kids and children of all ages and grades.
6 Shape Memory Game 6 Shapes Memory game is fun but also challenging game. Match shapes and see how fast are you.
Treasures Board the pirate ship at your own risk! And be careful, because the pirates will test you to the limit in this memory game!