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Cambodia Mystery The hidden Gem Description You are looking the last mystical gem. Use your puzzle skills to solve the mysteries and find the hidden gem from the oldest temple in Cambodia. Good Luck and Have Fun! [...]
Abandoned Cruise Mystery Description The ship was abandoned a long time ago, you play as a ghost who was trapped inside. Try find all the hidden objects and solve the puzzles to escape. Good Luck and have [...]
Red Alert Zombie Apocalypse Description Zombies have taken over the city and you are the last survivor in the town. Complete challenge puzzles, find the key, and escape your way without getting eaten! Good Lu [...]
Ancient Village Escape Description A traveler want to visit an ancient historical, but he got stuck and could not get out of the village, and he had to find a way out soon, or he will be locked and stay [...]
Crazy Christmas Escape Description Crazy Christmas Escape is the 49th point and click adventure game from crazy escape games. In this game, you have to help find a secret snowman to assist you to escape [...]
The Perfect Proposal Description Would you be Milo’s accomplice as he carries out his proposal plan? Join him at the jewelry store, helping him buy the perfect ring for his sweetheart, Mia, then [...]
Amazing Easter Description Are you looking forward to celebrating Easter? Then make sure you don’t invite the Easter bunny in a super messy house, get to work and get the bedroom and living [...]
Timmy and Tina's Messy Rooms Description It’s playtime for Timmy and Tina, but the two adorable twins can’t find their favorite toys to play with in their terribly messy bedrooms! How about lending [...]
Snatch Room Episode One Description Escape the room game inspired by the Saw movie. You have 10 minutes to leave the room. Use your mouse and find the way to exit. English and hungarian language support. [...]
Silent Room Escape In Silent Room Escape, you help a trapped little ghost find her way out of an abandoned room. Use your observation skills and wits to unravel the mysteries of the room and guide th [...]
Room Expedition 5 Room Expedition 5 challenges you to find 130 hidden objects scattered across a hotel room. Choose between 2 difficulty modes and collect all the lost items. The hard mode will give [...]
Dress room Girl dress up room.
The Rise The Rise is a point-and-click puzzle game. There are a total of 30 unique levels. Each level is an individual puzzle designed to make your brain think hard! It’s time to put [...]
Credit card escape It’s a simple room escape. Enjoy it!
Small Room Getaway Small Room Getaway is a room escape game by Gamershood. Your goal is to find hidden items and use them on correct spots to get out of the room. Good luck!
Escape the Castle Escape Game, where you have to collect items and solve a lot of puzzles to Escape the Castle you are.
Office Room Escape Office Room Escape is another new point and click type Room escape game from GamesPerk. In this escape game, you are locked inside a Office Room. No one is near to help you out.Try [...]
Weirdozo Escape. Chapter 1: Who's Weirdozo? Room Escape Game with storyline.
Flora Pink Room Decoration Decorate miniwinx flora pink room
Kid decoration Kid decoration
Virtual Large Maze - Set 1010 Try to beat this new 3D maze that contain many possible solutions to the exit.
Doors4 Escape Game. Sove puzzles to go through the rooms.
Locked Room A locked room and you are inside. Escape!
Hidden Objects Room Find all the hidden objects from each room!
Apartment mini-escape point and click game that makes the player in a virtual room containing items and tools that the player uses to get out of the room.
Garden Escape After birthday party in the park you have to find all the missing items and escape.
The Bunker Escape This time you are locked in to a bunker which you must escape. Solve the puzzles to escape the bunker!
Magic Door Escape Get out of the room by using the items you find in the room and using your logics to solve the puzzle!
Surreality You have entered a world of dreams and art. While the options at any stage are limited, the paths are infinite. The solution is part of the puzzle; as with many things, it is not o [...]
Green Dude Escape Escape the room by collecting the items and using them wisely. There is also a green stickman living in the room
Hidden Objects Room 4 Find all the hidden objects from each room. Good luck and have fun!
Museum Collector welcome to the museum. you will explore your journey to three rooms in the museum by collecting all the items on the list. you have 3 minutes left only in each levels, and you have [...]
Don't Escape From The Room You are in a room and your mission is to keep inside.
Sandy Room Escape Escape the room by collecting the items and using them to in the correct places! Have fun with Sandy Room Escape.
Room Objects Hunter Room Objects Hunter is a point and click hidden objects game. It’s the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects. Find the hidden objects within the gi [...]